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  • Oleh       : Musrifin Nasir
  • Tanggal  : 06-09-2017
  • Halaman : 11 lembar
  • ISSN      : ISSN 2086-9592
  • Kampus : Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Palembang

ABSTRACT Clinics have been established in the entire country, to reach all areas of the health center works. They reinforced with supporting health center, and the Mobile Health Center. Unless it is for areas far from referral care facilities, health center equipped with inpatient facilities. Public Health Centres should be able to quickly respond to the needs of society. Consequently Public Health Centres requires human resources that have the expertise, skill. and capabilities that can improve health services to the community. Multiwahana Health Center Palembang has implemented theservices policies above but the realization of satisfaction achievement does not meet the expectations because there are still complaints of patients with the services provided. From the results of data analysis and hypothesis testing , there are service Effect on patient Satisfaction. The value of the coefficient of multiple determination (R2) is 62.5% Keywords: Services, satisfaction

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